Hygiene / sterilization

We pay particular attention to hygiene and sterilization to protect against the spread of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

We set up in the office strict rules of hygiene as well as a level of decontamination and sterilization congruent to the highest standards.

Our equipment includes two instruments categories :
  • disposable instruments (gloves, masks, needles, etc.) packaged in sterile and discarded immediately after use;
  • non-disposable instruments (mouth mirrors, spatulas, etc.) decontaminated and sterilized after each use (disinfection by chemical solutions, sterilization by autoclave at 132 ° C).

A first automatic device, with ultrasounds and an integrated dryer, is used to prepare surgical instruments according to specific cycles of cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

A sterilizer unit "Autoclave Class B" then ensures sterilization of decontaminated instruments by exposure to moist heat (134 degrees) for 18 minutes (prions-cycle). This latest generation of sterilizer also enables traceability of sterilization cycles.

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