Post-care instructions

Contrary to popular opinion, modern endodontic treatment is very similar to a routine dental care. It is usually done in one single session and without pain.

An analgesic (painkiller) is given at the end of treatment to ensure a transition between local anesthesia and the phase of "sensitivity", postoperative normal reaction of healing.

During the day of the procedure, it is recommended to renew the intake of analgesic every 6 hours, so as to provide post-operative comfort.

Then you may feel the treated tooth more sensitive for several days; especially when pressure is exerted on it (chewing). This reaction is quite normal and varies from a simple sensitivity to more or less intense pain.

To relieve the pain, a specific prescription will be given.

Post-care instructions are:
  • do not eat or drink as the numbness has not completely disappeared, in order to prevent you from biting your cheek or tongue;
  • do not bite on the treated tooth before it was restored by your dentist;
  • brush your teeth as usual;
  • if a temporary filling was placed into your tooth, it is common that a thin layer of cement can be removed between your appointments.
Contact us if:
  • swelling appears inside or outside of your mouth;
  • pain does not go away after 2 to 3 days.

You must bear in mind that the root canal treatment is only one stage of the whole process leading to a fully functional tooth : the final restoration is essential to maintain a long-term success.

This second phase is performed by your dentist during the next appointment. A report has been sent to him with all the elements necessary for a smooth continuation of your treatment.

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