Our Philosophy

Our priority is the quality of care and well-being of our patients. In this context, a philosophy and a working method, putting the patient at the heart of our concerns, were adopted and shared by all dental office employees.

Our goals
  • Giving you the best quality of care and help you maintain as long as possible a healthy natural smile;
  • Using only certified proven materials or products, and exhibiting a perfect traceability;
  • Taking into consideration your anxiety and making every effort to enhance your well-being during and after treatment.
Our commitments
  • Permanently updating our knowledge and our level of expertise in order to provide you with the latest techniques and advances;
  • All people working in our office are graduates and regularly trained to adapt to the constantly changing technologies and protocols;
  • Giving you the most detailed and clearer information for a full understanding of your treatment. Your free and informed consent must be obtained before any treatment;
  • Any procedure must require a specific and detailed estimate.
Our organization
  • In order to avoid multiple travels and improve the effectiveness of your treatment, we will schedule appointments whose duration will vary depending on care provided;
  • We do our best to conform our schedules and not keep you waiting. We ask you the same courtesy and respect;
  • In the event that you cannot make your appointment, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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