Different endodontic treatments

Your dentist suggested you to undergo a root canal treatment.

Choosing endodontic treatment is deciding to keep your natural tooth and using it as a sound foundation that will enable you to chew for many years.

If you've never had endodontic treatment, or if your last treatment dates back several years, you may have questions.

All dentists, including yours, received a first level of training for this type of treatments. However, your dentist may decide to refer you to a specialist for medical reasons, to find the cause of a pain or for his technical expertise.

An endodontist is not different from any other medical specialist. He is a teammate of your regular dentist to provide the best care that you are entitled to expect. He completed further postgraduate training during several years to acquire specific skills.

Endodontic treatment today is far different from yesterdays. An endodontist is also equipped with a state of the art technology such as digital imaging, operating microscope, ultrasonic instrumentation or even laser. These technological advances, combined with his technical skills, allow him not only a very specific visual identification of your tooth’s internal anatomy, but also a processing more comfortable and faster.

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