Endodontics and implant therapy

While there is no doubt that cracks and fractures require tooth extraction and implant therapy, many other problems (infections, perforations, fractures) can be treated endodontically, and thus the natural tooth can be saved.

Both treatments, endodontics and implants, are most often successful (95% on average).

In some cases, implants are not possible.

And for other situations, instead of implant therapy, which consists of several long appointments interspersed with long healing periods, the continuum endodontic restoration remains the most attractive alternative. It is quicker, less expensive, and often the final result is aesthetically better.

A comprehensive discussion with your dentist will determine the cause of the problem, and the most appropriate treatment. Many teeth considered yesterday as lost, can be saved today.

Implant therapy constitutes a very interesting alternative when tooth cannot be saved, but saving one’s tooth is always preferable. Proproception is preserved, bite is maintained and results on cosmetic level are higher (natural looking).

As a conclusion, the best "implant" remains your natural tooth.

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