The regenerative therapies

Scientific advances in the field of pulp biology and tissue engineering, combined with materials already at our disposal have allowed us to create new therapeutic methods and real alternatives to conventional endodontic treatments.

These latest developments, in the regeneration of the pulpo-dentin complex, promise to help conserve your teeth, the true goal of any endodontic treatment.

Conservation of Pulp Vitality

In a younger patient, and in certain specific cases, endodontic treatment can now be avoided thanks to the arrival of new regenerative products that restore vitality to the inner part of the tooth. The tooth then, does not need to be devitalized and remains alive. This new, widely accepted preservative ensures excellent results. Post-operative care will nevertheless be necessary in order to prevent any complications.

Apexification / Apexogenesis

Following a trauma or a deep decay, an endodontic treatment may be indicated in younger patients whose roots of the teeth are not fully formed. The treatment of these immature teeth is always tricky (risks of fracture, too wide apex etc.)

Using these new materials, in accordance with established protocols, allows the roots to continue their development, and teeth to be preserved.

Even the most complex cases of immature infected teeth, which until now had to be extracted, can be saved.

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