The retreatement

Endodontic treatment is the sound foundation of the tooth. When it has been already completed, the nerve of the tooth should be removed and the root canals filled.

Sometimes, however, this treatment must be reprocessed:
  • if the tooth already treated is still painful;
  • during carious recurrence, way for bacterial recontamination of roots;
  • in case of abscess occurrence.

In these situations, a canal retreatment can still save the tooth.

Careful and thorough process, sometimes long, often complex, it consists in removing the prosthesis (crown and / or post) and the materials used during the initial treatment and then reprocessing a new endodontic treatment. Fully respecting all required procedures, its purpose is to get a new disinfection into the tooth by removing existing bacteria.

Although his prognosis is not always quantifiable, technical and technological advances have helped pushing the boundaries. If properly conducted, its success rate is now close to 95%.

A transitional healing period with a provisional build-up (i.e. fluid-tight seal) may be necessary to test this new treatment.

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