Our Fees

Prices of dental care are fixed by the National Health Service (Sécurité Sociale) and not by your dentist. These prices are the same for all practitioners. They ignore the expertise of each individual practitioner and costs of materials or devices used.

New materials and new technologies are available allowing us better results for our patients. These new techniques, which you are entitled to receive now, will only be reimbursed in several years. Should you be deprived of these scientific advances for the only reason that they are not covered by National Health Service ?

For your own sake, we chose to focus on the quality of our services. Dr. Olivier EMERY is constantly assited, with the aim to improving the quality of treatment as well as to observing the highest standards of hygienic rules and reducing the processing time.

Quality dental care last for many years. The investment, although important at first sight, is worth the money in the long term. Endodontic treatment and prosthetic restoration of the treated tooth are both less expensive than extracting the tooth and its replacement by a bridge (support on the adjacent teeth) or an implant (artificial root).

Support for anxiety about dental care can be obtained on request. * Please ask us when taking your appointment.

* Extra costs not included in the regular fees.

Dr. Olivier EMERY is « non conventionné »

It means that Dr. Olivier EMERY does not have any agreement with the National Health Service (Sécurité Sociale). 

He charges himself the amount of his fees.
Reimbursement by the NHS will be based on so-called « authority rates » which amount being refunded is much lower than those of a practitioner on the NHS.

An estimate, with the price of the procedure, will be given to you in advance for you to contact your health insurance about its possible coverage.
Billing is initiated at the end of the treatment care. Fees charged comprise the elements contained in the estimate sent and accepted by yourself.

An insurance claim and a separate bill will be provided for your health insurance.
Lack of reimbursement by the NHS, or by your health insurance, cannot engage Dr. Olivier Emery’s responsability in any way.

Dr. Olivier Emery is member of a CMO approved and, as such, accepts payments by check.

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