Meopa ®

The Meopa® (nitrogen monoxide-oxygen mixture) is a new innovative kind of sedation particularly useful for managing patients anxiety.

It is a gas mixture that the patient breathes, and allows him/her to be calm and relaxed.

How does it work?

It is inhaled through a mouthpiece.

After deeply breathing in this mixture, you will feel totally relaxed, without experiencing any drowsiness. This gas can also produce a feeling of happiness and / or euphoria. This agreeable state takes effect 3-5 minutes after inhalation, and permits you stay conscious of your surroundings for the duration of the treatment.

Late in the session, after removing the mouthpiece, the drug is eliminated quickly and naturally through natural breathing. The effects wear off after a few minutes of rest. You will be able to resume normal activities (driving, cycling etc.).

Accessible to all, from children to adults, this solution provides optimal patient comfort.

Sedation helps you feel relaxed, and makes the dental treatment much more pleasant.

It allows you to communicate constantly, follow the instructions and cooperate with the practitioner. Your perceptions may be slightly amplified (especially lights and sounds).

This gas acts quickly, painlessly and disappears in minutes.

We recommend you do not to eat 2 hours before beginning your treatment.

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